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We deliver high performance in offshore drilling.

We are specialists in achieving sustainably safe performance. We work with you and your teams and help you and your team achieve sustainable results in safety and environmental performance. We work with drill teams globally across all operations. 

We work with drill teams globally in start-up or under performing operations. We are the holder of a global innovation patent for the measurement of risk appetite in high risk operations. Recognised for proven continuous improvement.

We work with you to deliver the performance every drilling operation is capable of.

Who We Are

We are a group of 25 + professionals ready to assist wherever and whenever we are needed. We know what to do and how to do it.  We deliver, we achieve results and we do it with you. Our approach is based on sound academic published research and proven field experience.

Over 15 years of diverse global experience across 20+ countries our expertise and experience delivers.

Our People
Beyond The Break - Our Reach

Our Reach

Global presence, local expectations

We are in over 20 different countries, with diverse cultures, diverse customs and histories.We do our homework and we work in alignment with local expectations front and centre.

BTB delivers successfully and consistently on expectation – anywhere, everytime.

Blog & News

  • Are We Done With Oil & Gas?

    Are We Done With Oil & Gas?

     Industry 30 September 2016

    I like listening to a good communicator. Doesn’t matter what you have to say if you cannot articulate your message you’re in trouble. Read More 

  • Angola: Reflections on Performance Improvement in Angola

    Angola: Reflections on Performance Improvement in Angola

     Case Study 27 September 2016

    A little while ago, Beyond the Break (BTB) was engaged by Esso Angola (EA) to continue to deliver their message of ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ through the review of what has already been a successful operating environment. Read More 

  • Export Council of Australia: Premier’s Award

    Export Council of Australia: Premier’s Award

     News 23 September 2016

    We we’re thrilled to collect the ‘Highly Commended’ award at the 2015 Export Council of Australia awards. Read More 

  • Deepwater Horizon - The Movie

    Deepwater Horizon - The Movie

     Industry 16 September 2016

    Someone was always going to make a movie about Macondo. Like many I’m holding my breath. Read More 

  • The Challenge of Leadership

    The Challenge of Leadership

     Blog 07 September 2016

    Leading has never been easy. It’s damn lonely now a global study of Leadership Development Program participants reveal a consistent set of challenges that they, as leaders, faced. It was interesting in that cultural diversity and geography was no barrier in what they felt was one of the hardest things about being in a leadership role. Read More 

  • Vietnam: Reflections on the Ocean Apex

    Vietnam: Reflections on the Ocean Apex

     Case Study 01 September 2016

    Beyond the Break (BTB) has undertaken many successful start-ups. A rig is usually considered ‘start-up’ from approximately the first 3-6 months of a new campaign, depending on the crew’s history with the rig. It takes the right balance of many things to ensure the path towards the operational vision is achieved. One that we learned a huge amount from was the Ocean Apex based in Vietnam. Read More 

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