We deliver high performance in offshore drilling.

We are specialists in achieving sustainably safe performance.

We work globally with drill teams in start-up or in under performing operations. 

We are the holder of a global innovation patent for the measurement of risk appetite in high risk operations, HARTS®.  Recognised for proven continuous improvement in the establishment of high performing operations.

We work with you to deliver the performance every drilling operation is capable of.

Who We Are

We are a group of 25 + professionals ready to assist wherever and whenever we are needed. We know what to do and how to do it. 

We deliver, we achieve results and we do it with you. Our approach is based on sound academic published research and proven field experience.

Over 15 years of diverse global experience across 20+ countries our expertise and experience delivers.

Beyond The Break - Our Reach

Our Reach

Global presence, local expectations

We are in over 20 different countries, with diverse cultures, diverse customs and histories.We do our homework and we work in alignment with local expectations front and centre.

BTB delivers successfully and consistently on expectation – anywhere, everytime.

Our People

Simon Phin Chairman & Chief Executive
Beyond The Break - Simon Phin
Greg Cotton Head - Strategy & Engagement
Beyond The Break - Greg Cotton
Ian Hockridge Head - Programs & Training
Beyond The Break - Ian Hockridge
David Cunningham Head - Coaching & Rig Support
Beyond The Break - David Cunningham
Greg Homer Head - New Projects & Start Up’s
Beyond The Break - Greg Homer
Stephen Thomas New Projects & Start-Up’s
Beyond The Break - Stephen Thomas
Jan Sundstrom Business Services Manager
Beyond The Break - Jan Sundstrom
Daniel McGinley People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Daniel McGinley
Craig Churches People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Craig Churches
Colby Watkiss People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Colby Watkiss
Paul Mackie People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Paul Mackie
Alex Szabo Capability & Development
Beyond The Break - Alex Szabo
Peter Tomlin People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Peter Tomlin
Sacha Alagich Rig Video Induction – Design & Animation
Beyond The Break - Sacha Alagich
Sarah de Possesse Rig Video Induction – Filming & Editing
Beyond The Break - Sarah de Possesse
Jasmine Homer Presenting & Professional Skills
Beyond The Break - Jasmine Homer
Sean Chapman People & Performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Sean Chapman
Greig Taylor People & performance (Coach)
Beyond The Break - Greig Taylor
Dr. Elisabeth Beyersmann Psych Support Services
Beyond The Break - Dr. Elisabeth Beyersmann
Fabricio Bettega Master Translator
Beyond The Break - Fabricio Bettega
David Hurrell Innovation & Empowerment
Beyond The Break - David Hurrell

Our Clients