7 December 2015

Common Challenges of Leading

A global study of Leadership Development Program participants revealed a consistent set of challenges that they, as leaders, faced. It was interesting in that cultural diversity and geography was no barrier in what they felt was one of the hardest things about being a in a leadership role. Read More >>

23 November 2015

How to Be Good at Managing Both Introverts and Extroverts

As the boss, your goal is to have all your employees operating at their peak level of energy, efficiency, and motivation - which can be a challenge when it comes to leading a team comprised of introverts and extroverts. How do you manage these vastly different personalities and work preferences? How do you draw out your introverts and get your extroverts to listen? What’s the best way to adapt your management style so that it works for everyone? Read More >>

9 November 2015

Death by, and perhaps of, Multi-Tasking

We all have a lot to do in our professional lives, whilst juggling the personal side of things which can be a juggling act sometimes for a period of time or, more often than not, it’s just the norm. So, a while back, multi-tasking became a necessity in order to get through all our responsibilities at work and have time to spend time with the wife & kids, swing some golf clubs, or whatever it is that floats your boat during “you” time. Read More >>

26 October 2015

Social Connectedness over Super Stars

It is not an uncommon belief that you have to be competitive to get to the top and success will come if you get in the right “Super Stars” and reward them accordingly for an organisation to achieve greatness. Research presented by Margaret Heffernan in a TED talk, one of BTB’s favourite Blog sources, is telling us that this is not the case and the answer to achieving successful outcomes really does come down to people. Read More >>

12 October 2015

Why Change Causes Anxiety & Coaching Addresses Anxiety

As a company we have always been committed to R&D in the field of safe performance. Dr. Stewart Hase has been part of the BTB Team since we decided to validate the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of our approach. As a Dr & Adj Prof Stew has helped bring some academic “clout” to our services and, most importantly, help validate A) That our approaches and services do work and B) Why they work. Read More >>

7 September 2015

Human Need & Performance at Work

I was recently heading through passport and baggage control on a business trip to the States. Anyone who has been over there will confirm that domestic travel can be an absolute nightmare as you battle against wave after wave of passengers all disembarking and rushing to join connecting flights.  Read More >>

17 August 2015

In the Coaches Corner – with Colby Watkiss

Colby has recently joined the BTB team so we thought we’d touch base with him and get his thoughts about life before being an offshore Performance Coach, what makes him tick, and his takes on all things safety. Read More >>

3 August 2015

Resilience - and How You Can Build It

We all have stresses in our life. Some are the day-to-day variety, or those that happen periodically, and then there are the significant events, like a death in the family or some other tragedy. Some handle these events quite well and some struggle which can have a big impact on our wellbeing. That’s not to say we should be robotic in our reactions but the type of response and the time it takes to recover from these events, or our “Resilience”, can be influenced. Read More >>

20 July 2015

Is Multi-Tasking Making Us Dumber?

In today’s increasingly paced world, one is always trying to master the artful juggle of work, play and family/self. It does drive many of us, sometimes on purpose and sometimes inadvertently, to do several tasks at once in the hope that it is allowing us to be more efficient – or at least to keep up. Read More >>

6 July 2015

Do We Need More Trust - or just more understanding?

As we enter a new financial year it is common to reflect on the 12 months that has passed. What went well, what didn’t go so well, what stood out as significant etc. In terms of an ongoing staple, although one might not intrinsically link to our financial wellbeing, “trust” is one of things that permeates through all of life’s endeavours – in both business and pleasure. Read More >>