7 September 2015

Human Need & Performance at Work

I was recently heading through passport and baggage control on a business trip to the States. Anyone who has been over there will confirm that domestic travel can be an absolute nightmare as you battle against wave after wave of passengers all disembarking and rushing to join connecting flights.  Read More >>

17 August 2015

In the Coaches Corner – with Colby Watkiss

Colby has recently joined the BTB team so we thought we’d touch base with him and get his thoughts about life before being an offshore Performance Coach, what makes him tick, and his takes on all things safety. Read More >>

3 August 2015

Resilience - and How You Can Build It

We all have stresses in our life. Some are the day-to-day variety, or those that happen periodically, and then there are the significant events, like a death in the family or some other tragedy. Some handle these events quite well and some struggle which can have a big impact on our wellbeing. That’s not to say we should be robotic in our reactions but the type of response and the time it takes to recover from these events, or our “Resilience”, can be influenced. Read More >>

20 July 2015

Is Multi-Tasking Making Us Dumber?

In today’s increasingly paced world, one is always trying to master the artful juggle of work, play and family/self. It does drive many of us, sometimes on purpose and sometimes inadvertently, to do several tasks at once in the hope that it is allowing us to be more efficient – or at least to keep up. Read More >>

6 July 2015

Do We Need More Trust - or just more understanding?

As we enter a new financial year it is common to reflect on the 12 months that has passed. What went well, what didn’t go so well, what stood out as significant etc. In terms of an ongoing staple, although one might not intrinsically link to our financial wellbeing, “trust” is one of things that permeates through all of life’s endeavours – in both business and pleasure. Read More >>

22 June 2015

In the Coaches Corner – with Craig Churches

Once again, we are sitting down and having a chat with one of our Beyond the Break (BTB) “People & Performance” Coaches. This week, Craig Churches enlightens us on is background, what safety means to him, and how he helps engage others to work towards a happy and hurt free work environment. Read More >>

8 June 2015

What are your O&I Stats REALLY saying?

Observation and Intervention (O&I) card programs are commonplace offshore. Whether it be the generic DuPont “STOP” card, the Diamond “DODI” card, Transocean “THINK” card, MAERSK “ACTIVE” card etc. etc. They are used to not only capture positive and negative safety circumstances, or desired and undesired, but they also reflect the safety culture of the respective crews who contribute to them. Let’s expand on this a little…. Read More >>

25 May 2015

In the Coaches Corner – with Daniel McGinley

Daniel McGinley is one of BTB’s more recent People & Performance Coaches however, as with all our Coaches, he comes with a wealth of experience. This week we hear from him and what makes him tick… Read More >>

11 May 2015

What is a Habit – and why are they Useful?

All of us have habits. Some of them have just developed without a conscious effort, some we have developed ourselves more consciously. Some people have many good habits, some have many bad ones. And many/most of us, have probably a mixed balance of each. In a hazardous work environment, it is vitally important that positive behaviours become habit to ensure a safe working culture is achieved. Read More >>

27 April 2015

In the Coaches Corner - David Cunningham

Safety Coaching by BTB Coaches take on many forms. Each coach has their own skillset, experience, and strengths that dictates their approach and style. This week, the first in our “in the Coaches Corner” series, we have the input from BTB’s Head Coaching & Rig Support, Dave Cunningham to see the what, how, and why he influences positive work behaviours with offshore drill teams. Read More >>