Our Services

We deliver high performance in offshore drilling.

We are specialists in achieving sustainably safe performance.

We work globally with drill teams in start-up or in underperforming operations. 

We are the holder of the global innovation patent for the audit and measurement of risk appetite in high-risk operations, known as HARTS®.  Hazard Awareness & Risk Tolerance Sustainably. Recognised for proven continuous improvement in high performing, safe, operations.

HARTS® has in excess of 3500 days of proven performance improvement globally in offshore drilling.

We work with you to deliver the performance every drilling operation is capable of.

Who We Are

We are a group of 25 + professionals ready to assist wherever and whenever we are needed. We know what to do and how to do it. 

We deliver, we achieve results and we do it with you. Our approach is based on sound academic published research and proven field experience.

Over 18 years of diverse global experience across 25+ countries our expertise and experience deliver.

Our People
Beyond The Break - Our Reach

Our Reach

Global presence, local expectations

We are in over 25+ different countries, with diverse cultures, diverse customs and histories.We do our homework and we work in alignment with local expectations front and centre.

BTB delivers successfully and consistently on expectation – anywhere, every time.

Blog & News

  • Inauthentic People Are Obsessed With Authenticity

    Inauthentic People Are Obsessed With Authenticity

     Blog 28 November 2016

    The very nature of what we do means all of us within the BTB Team spend more time on the plane than we would like. The only bonus, I find, is that I read and read a ton. Read More 

  • Rig 175: Embracing Hard Truth

    Rig 175: Embracing Hard Truth

     Case Study 25 November 2016

    A long time ago, in a drilling field far, far away we worked with a team, that on paper, should have been an A team. But the results we’re mixed, average at best. Read More 

  • Well Control Must Remain The Priority

    Well Control Must Remain The Priority

     Industry 23 November 2016

    Competent? Too often we hear that word and don’t understand what the implications of in-competence means. Read More 

  • Lessons From Marilyn

    Lessons From Marilyn

     Blog 21 November 2016

    I (Simon) travel more than I like. It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that for those of us that do travel a lot we miss ‘the little things’ of home. So when it comes to travel I search for something, someone, to give me that smile, that ‘engagement’ we have at home. Read More 

  • GOM: P&A Operational Excellence on the Deepwater Champion

    GOM: P&A Operational Excellence on the Deepwater Champion

     Case Study 09 November 2016

    In July last year the Deepwater Champion sailed into the Gulf of Mexico. The project: Plug and Abandonment (P&A). ExxonMobil’s (EM) P&A program of 7 wells, in partnership with Transocean, some of which were completed as far back as 20 years ago is not without its challenges. Read More 

  • The Discipline of Listening

    The Discipline of Listening

     Blog 07 November 2016

    Ram Charan had this fantastic article in Harvard Business Review. We think this theme is recurring, are we good listeners? Read More 

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