• Don’t Just Say It, Do It

    Don’t Just Say It, Do It

     Blog  01 October 2021

    Don’t just say it, do it. Make the safety of everyone, no matter who they are, important to you. They’ll thank you for it not in words but in actions. Read More 

  • How you Welcome People

    How you Welcome People

     Blog  01 September 2021

    How you welcome people when they are at their most vulnerable is how that person will welcome the next person to the team. Read More 

  • Spot On Advice

    Spot On Advice

     Blog  01 August 2021

    This is spot-on advice from Derrick O'Keeffe who plays a huge role in not just Australia (NOPSEMA) but the world of offshore drilling and the IOGP. Read More 

  • Hold On A Minute!

    Hold On A Minute!

     Blog  01 July 2021

    Hold On A Minute! How approachable are you? Forget about your skillset as a Manager and the latest Leadership conference you attended. If you are not approachable then you won't hear what needs to be said. Read More 

  • New Rig, New Team, New Roles

    New Rig, New Team, New Roles

     Blog  01 June 2021

    Every new rig startup requires a new team to come together. This requires all of us to work together and appreciate, and respect, the role we all play. Particularly when it comes to our ultimate operational responsibility, well control. Read More 

  • Learning From Experience

    Learning From Experience

     Blog  01 May 2021

    Are we willing to be honest with ourselves and have a little humility when it comes to being 'imperfect'? We all make mistakes, let's not run and hide from that. Rather, let's create an environment where people feel confident enough to be open and honest about the mistake they're involved in. Read More 

  • Hearts & Minds

    Hearts & Minds

     Blog  01 April 2021

    2020 has taken a great deal out of many of us, and, we've got some way to go, still, in 2021. But before we dive down into our own thoughts, spare a minute for those who remain away from home and loved ones for weeks, months, too many months, and more. Read More 

  • It’s All About People

    It’s All About People

     Blog  01 March 2021

    It's All About People. Today, as many of us still battle the challenges brought by Covid-19, we need to understand that what we do is dependent on how we do it. Read More 

  • No One Is Perfect

    No One Is Perfect

     Blog  01 February 2021

    No one is perfect. That is the critical lesson for any manager ...and this is one discerning factor between a capable manager and a leader who is able to inspire those who look to them for, simply, leadership. No more, no less. Read More 

  • Teamwork & Holidays

    Teamwork & Holidays

     Blog  01 January 2021

    It's a time we all wish we were with our loved ones. For many of us, we are away from home working and, for those working offshore on rigs anywhere around the world, thinking of home is probably what you are thinking about right now. Read More 

  • Hebron Jingle Bells

    Hebron Jingle Bells

     Blog  20 December 2020

    Yes, it's Christmas and you're away from home. Here's a little message from Jasmine & Greg (and the kids) featuring the ExxonMobil Hebron Choir in Eastern Canada. Take it away! Read More 

  • Procedures & National Day

    Procedures & National Day

     Blog  01 December 2020

    It's more than just procedures that keep us safe. It is, importantly, the willingness of people to challenge procedures if they can be improved upon. That's where we improve and become a better team for it. Read More