• Canada: Preview

    Canada: Preview

     Blog  26 March 2019

    The Sable Offshore Energy Project, Canada‚Äôs first offshore natural gas development project, has been producing natural gas since 1999. While the Sable project continues to provide significant employment and economic benefits to Nova Scotia, it is a mature field and decommissioning activities are in progress. Read More 

  • Australia Day 2019

    Australia Day 2019

     Blog  26 January 2019

    Australia Day. As we celebrate Australia Day in our country we are very grateful for those who live the values of Australia Day when away from home, mateship, service, fairness & integrity in one's character. Read More 

  • Bloopers


     Blog  22 January 2019

    Bloopers - Put aside a few seconds and enjoy. Never think you've got it all covered. A smile, a laugh and a warm embrace goes a long way....and thanks to all involved. Make Rigs Safe. Read More 

  • A Sense of Humor And A Positive Attitude

    A Sense of Humor And A Positive Attitude

     Blog  15 January 2019

    A Sense of Humour? Seriously? You bet. Published evidence is overwhelming, workplaces that are positive, engaging, honest and can see 'the lighter side of life' succeed. Read More 

  • Who is a safety leader?

    Who is a safety leader?

     Blog  11 December 2018

    Who Is A Safety Leader? Shouldn't we all ask ourselves this question? Read More 

  • Why is Teamwork Important?

    Why is Teamwork Important?

     Blog  27 November 2018

    'Why Is Teamwork Important?', seems like such a simple question. Yet the reality is that when teams fail sustainable performance is just impossible. Read More 

  • Your Safety Is Our Priority

    Your Safety Is Our Priority

     Blog  22 October 2018

    The Priority? If you want people to believe you-you've got to be real. 'Your Safety is Our Priority' nails it. When people come to work for you they want, deserve, to know your commitment. It's your call. Make Rigs Safe. Read More 

  • Welcome Onboard

    Welcome Onboard

     Blog  12 October 2018

    1 Minute. You've got 1min to make an impression, 1min. How you welcome people into your workplace has a direct correlation to how they go to bed that night. Excited? Safe? Fearful? Anxious? It's your call. Make Rigs Safe. Read More 

  • Brief - Nigeria

    Brief - Nigeria

     Blog  05 October 2018

    Nigeria. For many, it remains an unknown land far away. For us, it's one of our favourites. You just can't find people as warm and welcoming as Nigerians. Here is the team from the Trident 14 setting the scene for you when you join their rig. You feel important, you feel valued and you feel safe. Read More 

  • Russia: Preview

    Russia: Preview

     Blog  05 September 2018

    Russia. Yes, it can be cold and it can be challenging. But the warmth of welcome is something else. Here's a short one from the fantastic Sakhalin-1 Team. Our sincere thanks to Parker Drilling Company and ExxonMobil for all their support. Read More 

  • USA: Preview

    USA: Preview

     Blog  30 August 2018

    USA. Our approach to welcoming people on board is simple and straightforward. Make it personal, make an impact and make the message inclusive. Here's the US Drill Team showing how it's done. All Class. Sincere thanks to all on board the Harmony at Parker Drilling Company & ExxonMobil. Read More 

  • To Be A Coach

    To Be A Coach

     Blog  18 August 2018

    To Be A Coach. Any athlete who has achieved got there by doing that little bit extra and listening to a Coach who wants nothing more than seeing their people be the best they can be. The best succeed because they take the time to plan and the patience to review. Read More