• When you're the last one off it's a great feeling

    When you're the last one off it's a great feeling

     Blog  16 November 2020

    When you're the last one off it's a great feeling. The job is done and everything has gone to plan, safely & securely. It's happy days. And then? It's all behind us. Too often we walk away without taking a moment to thank those around us for not just the big things, but the little things as well. Read More 

  • P&A Risks

    P&A Risks

     Blog  18 October 2020

    P&A Risks? Surely, they’re not that great? Quite simply, the ‘end of life’ for a well is as critical as the start of life. Read More 

  • Why Well Control Wednesday Works

    Why Well Control Wednesday Works

     Blog  17 September 2020

    Why Don't People Do As You Say? Quite simply, because the reasoning doesn't involve them. Read More 

  • Who is a safety leader?

    Who is a safety leader?

     Blog  02 September 2020

    Who Leads Safety? Shouldn't it be everyone? It should, but it isn't always the case. Read More 

  • Why Is Teamwork Important?

    Why Is Teamwork Important?

     Blog  14 August 2020

    Today, more than ever, we need to adapt to what Teamwork actually looks like. This is a short message on why we need to make a team, work. Read More 

  • A Sense of Humor And A Positive Attitude

    A Sense of Humor And A Positive Attitude

     Blog  29 July 2020

    Yes, it is a stressful time, let's not ignore that. Rather, let's remind ourselves that we determine our own outlook and the behaviours that we display to others. Read More 

  • Life Without Oil?

    Life Without Oil?

     Blog  11 May 2020

    Life Without Oil? This is hardly a new topic. Naturally, almost all global citizens wish to live in a society that causes minimal harm to others and to our finite resource, the environment. No one questions this. Read More 

  • International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day

     Blog  25 February 2020

    As we celebrate International Women's Day 2020 we recognise that a diverse culture reflected in everything we do and importantly how we do it enriches us all. Read More 

  • One Minute To Make An Impression

    One Minute To Make An Impression

     Blog  05 October 2019

    Never underestimate the importance of how you welcome people to your workplace. It can make a life and save a life. Read More 

  • Canada: Preview

    Canada: Preview

     Blog  26 March 2019

    The Sable Offshore Energy Project, Canada’s first offshore natural gas development project, has been producing natural gas since 1999. While the Sable project continues to provide significant employment and economic benefits to Nova Scotia, it is a mature field and decommissioning activities are in progress. Read More 

  • Australia Day 2019

    Australia Day 2019

     Blog  26 January 2019

    Australia Day. As we celebrate Australia Day in our country we are very grateful for those who live the values of Australia Day when away from home, mateship, service, fairness & integrity in one's character. Read More 

  • Bloopers


     Blog  22 January 2019

    Bloopers - Put aside a few seconds and enjoy. Never think you've got it all covered. A smile, a laugh and a warm embrace goes a long way....and thanks to all involved. Make Rigs Safe. Read More