BTB Departs the Viking for 2015 with Stellar Results

 News  05 October 2015

After a promising Start-Up in 2014 and highly successful follow up in 2015 on the Maersk Viking, the second year of BTB’s operations performance engagement has come to end. It will prove a challenge to back up such a stellar performance in 2016 when BTB returns – but the lead Coaches feel they can deliver!

Kicking off the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) drilling campaign in mid-2014 with a BTB lead Safety Leadership Training (SLT) program for the crew and Service Providers led by Greg Cotton & Ian Hockridge of the Maersk Viking, our Performance Coaches were placed on board for 6 months to help develop Safety Culture in pursuit of ExxonMobil’s’ “No Hurts. No Spills” Vision.

The dynamic duo of Greg Homer and Stephen Thomas, integral from the get-go and a part of the SLT,  complemented each other well as full time Performance Coaches to establish a strong foundation of teamwork, leadership, safe performance and accountability.

In 2015, after the positive safety culture had been recognised as a result of their 2014 efforts, Greg and Steve were asked back to assist during the critical completions phase of the program. Several of the initiatives that had worked well the previous year were re-introduced or re-invented to now drive the crew towards operational excellence. It was a fine balance of consistency and innovation to help the crew, their supervisor’s, and the Leadership team build their safety culture and challenge undesired (and unsafe) behaviours.

Greg and Steve received many formal and informal recognitions from both ExxonMobil and Maersk for their dedication to the Viking crew and the impact they had made. Greg Homer recently came off the Viking and the validation continued after meeting with ExxonMobil & Maersk as part of BTB’s debrief.

Both Greg & Steve mused recently “We were wrapped with how much they appreciated our help. The irony is, they often don’t see all the things we’ve been doing until a few weeks after we are gone – when we aren’t around anymore to do it…..but, that’s where we’ll take up from in 2016”.

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BTB Departs the Viking for 2015 with Stellar Results The Viking Crew. Vision: No Hurts (Unfortunately, neither Coach Greg nor Steve are in this photo – but one of them is behind the lens)

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