When you're the last one off it's a great feeling

 Blog  16 November 2020

When you're the last one off it's a great feeling.

The job is done and everything has gone to plan, safely & securely. It's happy days. And then? It's all behind us.

Too often we walk away without taking a moment to thank those around us for not just the big things, but the little things as well.

Time and time again the overwhelming evidence supports our position that a 'happy rig', for lack of a more academic descriptive, is a safe, efficient and productive workplace. People enjoy the company of their teammates and, in turn, enjoy their work. They look out for their teammates and shortcuts just aren't an option.

After a challenging 2020, the BTB Team are grateful to ExxonMobil & Noble Drilling for walking the talk every day, every tour onboard the #nobletomprosser offshore Bass Strait. Quarantine, not being able to travel freely, keeping everyone's wellbeing top of mind - sure it took a little effort.

It's the little things we all remember, a smile, a pat on the back, a wish of goodwill.

Here's Mark Bradley & Andy Choy all smiles. The chopper is on the way, the sun is behind them and blue skies ahead in seeing loved ones at home.

Thanks, one and all from the team Beyond The Break Pty Ltd.

When you're the last one off it's a great feeling

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