No One Is Perfect

 Blog  01 February 2021

No one is perfect. That is the critical lesson for any manager.

...and this is one discerning factor between a capable manager and a leader who is able to inspire those who look to them for, simply, leadership. No more, no less.

People who lead need their people to realise, 'we play the ball, not the man'. That is, 'my leadership should not be me or about perfection, rather, pushing us to be better than we are right now'. An effective leader isn't too precious.

So, here's something that should resonate.

We've worked with some of the most capable leaders within Drilling & Well Management over the last 20 years and what we've learned to appreciate is that the most effective leaders laugh at themselves and bring people along with them and to do the same. 'Play the ball, not the man'. Nothing empowers a collaborative effort more than this.

Here are some of the best. Our thanks to ExxonMobil, Valaris plc, Transocean, Noble Drilling, Parker Drilling Company, Nabors Industries and many others we have worked with over the years...and can I vouch for the great Tunji, he is indeed the best on the dancefloor in Drilling and would put Travolta to shame. Enjoy.

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