Rig 30 - High Performance

 Blog  01 May 2023

This isn't new. In fact, it's a few years old. But the message?

..it's simple. It's not in the words being said, it's in the natural ease you see from the people speaking in this short message. They like one another. Simple as that.

When people take the time to get to know one another they extend that hand of friendship and care. They look out more than they should and they speak their mind because that's what high-performing teams do.

And, when things aren't always moving forward the team stops, re-groups, and plans again. If we recall Rig 30 was the most successful in the Nabors fleet two years straight.

Our thanks to the people on Rig 30 Nabors Industries and the team ExxonMobil for welcoming us in.

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