Rig 175: Embracing Hard Truth

 Case Study  25 November 2016

A long time ago, in a drilling field far, far away we worked with a team, that on paper, should have been an A team. But the results were mixed, average at best.

Yes, drilling wasn’t ‘bad’ by most measures and operationally speaking things were ‘OK’ as some would describe in the drilling world. But the crew knew that ‘the little things’ just were not where they should be. And so it is, for many teams, a moment of truth that is laid out before us. Which fork in the road do we take?

Nabors, working Rig 175 in the Bass Strait for ExxonMobil Drilling (2007-2010), had every opportunity to succeed yet one factor was missing. Desire. Many times when we are called in to work with a crew, the underperformance is known but it’s not acknowledged. The crew of 175 were different. Hands up and asking for help. Where do we start? For us, BTB, this is the moment of opportunity, ‘embracing hard truth’ that we yearn for. As individuals, we all know when we are not giving 100%. It might not be intentional; it might not even be a conscious act but for whatever reason (another topic on motivation vs. inspiration) we’re not at our best. The best thing we can do (and for ourselves) is, to be honest. That’s the first hurdle and a big hurdle to take.

We had some tough love to give and, credit to all involved, it was received (maybe not with open arms) and taken on the chin. To ‘take it on the chin’ is something too many are not prepared to do. We don’t want to hear the truth because it isn’t always that comfortable to receive. As children, we like the praise, not the wrap and as adults, not much has changed. When managers are able to take a step back and review the situation with a clear mind for the opportunity for change (and as a result renewal) they put themselves in a position where others see them as leaders. Maybe not leaders, as yet, for runs on the board but rather for creating the environment to allow us all to perform at our best.

So, what did change? We hope the photo shows the result of hard work, honesty and a team willing to take on the effort required to perform. You see the smiles here are real because the people were part of the problem and they made the decision to be active in being part of the solution. It’s the choice of an athlete training to perform at their very best, day in day out in the sunshine, wind and rain, to give themselves the opportunity to win because of hard work they embrace rather than by chance.

It’s 2010 and Rig 175 are at 250days hurt free and spill free. Operational performance you ask? Ahead of schedule, ahead of budget and with a smile on their dial.

The future is looking up. If you have an operation on the drawing board, or currently not performing to expectation, talk to us. We’ve been there before.

Rig 175: Embracing Hard Truth

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