Well Control Must Remain The Priority

 Industry  23 November 2016

Competent? Too often we hear that word and don’t understand what the implications of incompetence means. It may be the competence of a teacher teaching your child to learn, your local bus driver or your Captain taking off and landing your plane. Competence has implications regardless of the risk, assumed or not, that we need to respect.

Well Control is the foundation of everything we do in drilling. The need to ensure crews understand ‘why’ they need to know about well control is the non-negotiable of sound and responsible leadership.

At the 2016 IADC Well Control Europe Conference in Copenhagen in October Claus Hemmingsen, CEO of Maersk Drilling who also serves as Group Vice CEO of A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, stated quite clearly, ‘We must take any opportunity we can to learn from each other and take advantage of the broader industry performance, including the mistakes that we make, to ensure that we will not repeat those mistakes and expose people, environment and economic interest to accidents’.

We (BTB) provided Well Control Wednesday® as a pilot program on board the Maersk Viking, at no cost, to prove a theory. People do want to learn and do want to extend themselves when they are included in the learning process. In doing so people take on learning with enthusiasm and commitment.

‘Our people will learn from each other and will improve their competences significantly, thereby it will help us to remain a highly competent and agile drilling contractor,’ Mr Hemmingsen said. ‘And it is our wish that that vibrant learning culture should also exist throughout the industry and with our peers.’

Nice to see forward thinking despite the economic challenges before us. A good article worth the read.

Learn more by clicking the link here.

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Well Control Must Remain The Priority

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