Well Control Wednesday®: The Science Makes Sense

 News  19 October 2016

For some time, we’ve believed that the understanding of process safety drives the willingness and recognition of the individual to drive personal safety (because the implications of not following are otherwise disastrous).

For those not aware of the format, WCW brings a scripted well control Q&A into a professionally produced production that is presented, one might suspect, at a Pre-Tour. The two main ingredients are the crew presenting a question with the response delivered by BTB’s Jasmin Homer from a TV studio in Perth, Australia. Those of you with sharp minds may have noticed the same last name as Greg Homer, who came up with the idea. She is in fact Greg’s wife, (yes, he’s a high achiever) and a very talented and respected TV identity in Australia.

So how does the science make sense? We took a broad section of the pilot rig for WCW and asked crew members to participate in a survey about WCW and what they perceive it involves and aims to achieve. We’ll publish this data in the next few weeks. This is what stood out

  • Crew learned important facts in an informative and engaging way,
  • There was a positive increase in safety awareness on the rig,
  • WCW was a better way of learning than face-to-face talks,
  • Crew remembered what they had learned from the videos,
  • The videos enhanced team development on the rig,
  • Communication on the rig was improved,
  • The videos presented a positive message about learning,
  • The videos got people talking about well control when they previously had not

The design and interpretation of the survey information was compiled into a report produced by Dr. Stewart Hase. Stewart stated, for an academic perspective that what was particularly impressive was that all respondents could recall several of the topics presented. Recall was accurate and top of mind – thus reinforcing the position that if the learner ‘leads’ the learning process the uptake is considerably greater than it otherwise would be. This was attributed to the medium in which the Q&A was presented – a far cry away from the traditional “death by PowerPoint” method of delivering important information in so many industries.

Like to know more about Well Control Wednesday®? You can see more here. 

The future is looking up. If you have a drilling campaign on the drawing board talk to us. We’ve been there before.

Well Control Wednesday®: The Science Makes Sense

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