CEO Message: Covid-19

 News  20 March 2020

From our CEO, Simon Phin.

Covid-19 is a challenge to all of us today. In time this period, too, will pass.

Until then, we must remain vigilant in meeting the expectations upon all of us to deliver safe, secure and competent workplace operations.

For those who are either self-isolating or working from home, the result may be that they feel anxious, isolated and fearful.

For those who may have to make difficult decisions whether to stay at work or return home, often to countries which have closed borders, we recognise the significant dilemma that is faced. We, too, are in this situation.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to keep people connected to work and each other.

To encourage stability, surety and resilience in the face of the unknown, and to ensure that pathways for support are available for them. Today is a volatile time, yet how we deal with it must remain measured & relative. This too shall pass.

In times like this, we must look to each other for support, cooperation and compassion.

Showing gratitude to health care workers and all those on the front-line doing their best to manage the situation, for the benefit of us, can benefit all of us.

CEO Message: Covid-19

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