West Barracouta - Pause

 News  15 April 2020

The $400m West Barracouta Gas Project is vital for Australia's energy supply covered here in The Australian Financial Review.

We all recognise the challenges we face today through COVID-19 and the significant knock-on effect throughout global economies. ExxonMobil had no choice but to hit 'pause' on the project. Responsibility is thinking and acting with tomorrow in mind.

We have relished the opportunity to work with the high performing team on board the Noble Drilling Tom Prosser in The Bass Strait since the project commenced, in Melbourne & Houston.

It's been a great track record to date and working with NOPSEMA to meet expectations in Australian waters, something we deeply care about, has been first class all round.

Good teams function and thrive because they, put simply, enjoy the working relationship. Here's hoping we all play our part in letting all of us return to work - safely & soon.

West Barracouta - Pause

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