HARTS® uncovers the existing gap between Risk Tolerance & Risk Appetite.

The worksite isn’t achieving the performance required in safe operations.

People are still getting hurt, near misses occur and are not reported, people tend to work together but not as a team. Where do we need to improve? How do we identify the gaps? Where do we start?

Awarded a Global Innovation Patent (2015) for risk assessment and risk appetite HARTS® benchmarks operational practice and helps deliver sustained, safe, performance. Performance that can be achieved anywhere and at anytime.

HARTS® can be used as an audit of safe performance, however, is most effective when used as a measure for ongoing continuous improvement. HARTS® measures 36 indicative observations.

The success in the identity of these observations provides the foundation for an enduring and sustainably safe workplace. A workplace, as a consequence, that is high performing.

Continuous Improvement? There is no quick fix. Through identifying the gaps we can work with you to embark on initiatives and measures necessary to create a culture where sustainably safe operations can occur and thrive in drilling operations.